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Explore the possibilities of male chest contouring with our comprehensive gynecomastia surgery procedures. Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae offer personalized surgical options tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless transformation for a more confident you. Discover your path to a more contoured chest today.

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View a collection of before and after photographs showcasing the dramatic results achieved through gynecomastia surgery. There are a number of techniques to choose from with specific pros and cons, with which Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae help reshape and contour, and bring a renewed form to the male chest.

Gynecomastia Surgery Options

Customized Surgical Approaches


Gynecomastia surgery is a transformative procedure tailored to address the excess breast tissue in males. Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae offer a range of surgical solutions, from liposuction to skin tightening with or without incisions (and scars), designed to cater to the severity and specific characteristics of each case. Embrace a more masculine chest profile.


Frequently Asked Questions


Explore our selection of popular procedures, each designed to meet specific aesthetic or reconstructive needs. From enhancing your appearance to restoring form and function. 


Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is a procedure to correct the overdevelopment of breast tissue in men. This can involve liposuction, gland excision, areola reduction, nipple repositioning, and skin removal.

An ideal candidate is someone in good general health, at or near their ideal body weight, with realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes. Non-smokers and individuals who are committed to following postoperative care instructions, are also ideal candidates.

Surgical options include liposuction for removing excess fat, gland excision with liposuction for removing glandular tissue, areola reduction, nipple repositioning, and skin excision for tightening loose skin.


Recovery involves following specific post-operative care instructions such as keeping dressings clean, compression, managing pain with medications, limiting activities, and attending follow-up appointments.


While recovery time can vary, most patients have no limitations on activities 1 month after surgery. Detailed guidelines tailored to each case will be provided by Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae.


The cost varies by technique, but the most common surgery involving gland excision and liposuction costs approximately $9000-10000 CDN +HST as performed by Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae.


Gynecomastia can result from hormonal imbalances, aging, certain medications, substance abuse, medical conditions, obesity, and genetic factors.


Surgery is often needed to improve chest contour once glandular tissue has formed, as complete resolution rarely occurs except in cases of gynecomastia that occurs during puberty.


Smoking is prohibited during recovery as it can impair healing. Candidates should be non-smokers and nicotine free at least 6 weeks before and after the procedure.


While gynecomastia surgery can be performed at various ages, it is recommended to wait until adolescence is complete to consider the procedure due to hormonal fluctuations during puberty that can lead to temporary breast enlargement.

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