Breast Lift Surgery: Defining Your Contour

The Approach of Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae


At McRae Plastic Surgery, we understand that a breast lift is more than a procedure—it’s a pivotal moment in your journey toward restored form and self-confidence. Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae offer a bespoke experience, meticulously tailoring each mastopexy to your individual aspirations, ensuring the path to your elevated and enhanced silhouette is navigated with care and exceptional skill.

Gallery: Mastopexy Before and After

Crafted by Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae


Immerse yourself in our patients’ transformations in our breast lift gallery. Each before and after is a testament to the expertise of Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae, celebrating the restored beauty and vitality of our patients.

The Essence of Mastopexy

Sculpted by Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae


A breast lift at McRae Plastic Surgery is more than an enhancement; it is bespoke craftsmanship. Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae excel in reshaping and elevating the breasts, achieving a naturally youthful and uplifted profile that resonates with your personal aesthetic ideals.


Frequently Asked Questions


Explore our selection of popular procedures, each designed to meet specific aesthetic or reconstructive needs. From enhancing your appearance to restoring form and function. 


A mastopexy elevates and reshapes the breasts for a more youthful form, improving position of the breast on the chest, enhancing the contour of the chest wall, tailoring the size and and position of the areola in relationship with the breast.

A breast lift can enhance symmetry by adjusting the shape and position of the breasts and areolas to a more desired alignment.

Breast lifts reposition the natural breast tissue for a more youthful restored appearance, while augmentation increases size and fullness, typically through implants or fat transfer. Lift and augmentation can sometimes be performed together for combined benefits.


Breastfeeding post-mastopexy varies; however, many women successfully breastfeed depending on the technique used. It is recommended to wait after childbearing for a breast lift.


A breast lift offers enduring results, yet factors such as aging, gravity, and lifestyle changes will affect longevity. Adhering to a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle can help sustain your new contours.


Preparation for surgery will include comprehensive instructions from Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae, encompassing dietary guidance, cessation of smoking at least 6 weeks before and after surgery, and medication management.

Your Pathway to Rejuvenation with
McRae Plastic Surgery


Choosing McRae Plastic Surgery for your breast lift is choosing to embrace a new chapter of beauty and confidence. Drs. Matthew and Mark McRae are committed to guiding you with integrity and expertise. If you’re contemplating a mastopexy, allow us to illuminate your path to restoration and enhance your form.